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Lensing a Georgian Highway-Man

Stunt-doubles, horses and home-brew carriages, one of each to be precise. This time round I found myself just outside of Enniskillen shooting a music video based on a nobleman Andrew McNair and his dealings as a highwayman.

Our emphasis was on soft lighting and stationary shots, that felt a bit painterly. I definitely used Barry Lyndon as a reference here. I used a mixture of a 1.2k HMI through a diff frame, the sun and a bounce to create the looks seen below. A Promist 1 or 1/2 was utilised to achieve that camera bloom and further soften the image. I shot on my Ursa Mini 4.6k at a 2k resolution, using mostly my Sigma Art 18-35mm 1.8.

Conni, the director(and producer/costume designer/set builder and singer song writer, amongst other things) did a brilliant job choosing the locations. We had access to this wonderful Georgian house, which can be seen below, so much of our work was already done for us. Not only this, but she constructed a carriage with the kind help of a friend from the area. You can see the size of the set below. With careful placement of the camera, lights and by mounting the whole construction on fence poles, for a little movement, we managed to make it look believable.

I really enjoyed this project as placing myself in a world other than our current one is definitely my favourite type of thing to shoot...





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